Cafe Romance

Title: Cafe Romance
Category: Romance, Slash
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Giovanni Keats/Kevin McMichaels
Characters: Giovanni Keats, Kevin McMichaels, William, Sandee
Summary: Sugar and Spice Cafe had been up and running for five years with owner Giovanni Keats giving the place his everything to make it successful. Now he was ready to get out there and date once more. The problem was, the hours he worked didn’t always make for the best date nights. There was one man he was interested in but after two years of innuendo and flirting, Gio had come to the conclusion that nothing was going to come of his crush. That was until Kevin McMichaels saw him out on a date and finally decided to make a move.
Words: 3248
Warnings: None
Tags: Romance, Food Porn, Fluff
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
Notes: The Mexican Chocolate Truffles described later on in the story is my own recipe and every time I make them people love them. I don’t have it written out, but if anyone is interested in the method and the amounts I am happy to share that.

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