Site Rules

I only have a few rules for reading on this blog, but please adhere and follow them for yours and everyone’s enjoyment. Thank you.

1. No nonconsensual beta. I have a beta, three actually and if and when the time comes for the story to be polished they are who I will go to. Continual comments on anything technical or plot-wise will cause you to get banned.

2. I do not always respond to comments. They are welcomed but don’t expect a comment back.

3. Do not ask for more. As I stated above, this is a live writing blog. It will not always be updated, not all stories will have endings, some might not even have middles. Some of the writings may be ramblings, but whatever they are if I have not continued with it, do not ask for it. There may be a reason, and I do not have to explain that reason.

4. As I stated comments are welcomed, but please be courteous to myself and any other person that may have commented before you. If you don’t like something, that is understandable. Not every person likes everything a writer writes. I am very self-aware of that. But, please just move along.

5. This is my blog, and the content is what I choose it to be. I may in the future open up a post for reader story prompts. If you must give me a story prompt, that is fine, but it does not mean that I will write it. There are a few genres and tropes that I will not engage in. If I have not written your prompt its either because I didn’t want to, or there was something I did not like about the prompt. Any complaining and pushing for the prompt to be written may cause you to get banned.

6. Have fun. Seriously. Have fun. I love engaging with readers, as long as everyone is respectful and compliant with my rules, this should be a fun and engaging blog.