The First Blush of Love


Title: The First Blush of Love
Category:  Romance, Lesbian, Genderfluid
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Terry Rivkin/Stevie Wells
Characters: Terry Rivkin, Stevie Wells
Summary: When Terry went to the local non-heteronormative bar in her neighborhood they had no idea how their life was going to change. They just hoped it wasn’t going to end in heartbreak once more.
Words: 1957
Warnings: None
Tags: LGBTQ, Non-binary pronouns, non-binary couples
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
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Cafe Romance

Title: Cafe Romance
Category: Romance, Slash
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Giovanni Keats/Kevin McMichaels
Characters: Giovanni Keats, Kevin McMichaels, William, Sandee
Summary: Sugar and Spice Cafe had been up and running for five years with owner Giovanni Keats giving the place his everything to make it successful. Now he was ready to get out there and date once more. The problem was, the hours he worked didn’t always make for the best date nights. There was one man he was interested in but after two years of innuendo and flirting, Gio had come to the conclusion that nothing was going to come of his crush. That was until Kevin McMichaels saw him out on a date and finally decided to make a move.
Words: 3248
Warnings: None
Tags: Romance, Food Porn, Fluff
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
Notes: The Mexican Chocolate Truffles described later on in the story is my own recipe and every time I make them people love them. I don’t have it written out, but if anyone is interested in the method and the amounts I am happy to share that.

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Two Lost Souls


Title: Two Lost Souls
Category:  Pre-Romance
Series: Fluff Bingo
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Pre-Relationship Darrin Jacobs/Dr. Thomas Simons, Bianca
Characters: Darrin Jacobs, Dr. Thomas Simons
Summary: When Darrin finds a small kitten, lost, alone, and scared he had no idea how much that kitten would change his life.
Words: 3292
Prompt: Kittens
Warnings: Mentions of emotional and mental child abuse
Tags: Fluff, Introspection, Meet Cute, anxiety, depression, anxiety attack, budding support animal, gay romance.
Beta: None. No non-consensual Beta
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The Journey Begins

Writing has been a passion of mine for a long time. I’ve dabbled in poetry, fanfiction, short stories and novelettes since I could remember. I have stories untold and ones I’ve only put a few words or thousands of words into. Each one has a meaning, a reason and sometimes that reason doesn’t always make sense to me, but I have enjoyed putting every word I can down onto paper.

Stories, ones you tell yourself have a kind of magic to them. They can be cathartic in times of stress and grief, or fun in times of joy. Stories can make your heart soar and expand your own mind. Not everyone wants to put their stories down on paper, or on a blog, but, there are many of us that do. I hope this to become a place where everyone can come and find a story that can uplift you, or break your heart. Make you think, or huddle in fear. Whatever it is that I am doing at the time I want, more than anything, for you to enjoy.

Now, there are a few rules, not many, but a few. This blog will be a live writing forum for myself and those stories I want to tell and can’t contain. What this means is, I may only do a short three or four hundred word snip of something, or I may spin a story out to several chapters. There will be errors, plot holes, grammar mistakes, and more. Stories will be polished up at a later time and the ones that have more legs to them will find a permanent home here on this site. Not every story, snippet, drabble, short-story or whatever form they take will be expanded on. Some with be starts and stops, some may never come to fruition. That is just how it is going to be. And, no amount of begging, pleading, and cajoling will make me change my mind.

So, what are the rules?

  1. No nonconsensual beta. I have a beta, three actually and if and when the time comes for the story to be polished they are who I will go to. Continual comments on anything technical or plot-wise will cause you to get banned.
  2. I do not always respond to comments. They are welcomed but don’t expect a comment back.
  3. Do not ask for more. As I stated above, this is a live writing blog. It will not always be updated, not all stories will have endings, some might not even have middles. Some of the writings may be ramblings, but whatever they are if I have not continued with it, do not ask for it. There may be a reason, and I do not have to explain that reason.
  4. As I stated comments are welcomed, but please be courteous to myself and any other person that may have commented before you. If you don’t like something, that is understandable. Not every person likes everything a writer writes. I am very self-aware of that. But, please just move along.
  5. This is my blog, and the content is what I choose it to be. I may in the future open up a post for reader story prompts. If you must give me a story prompt, that is fine, but it does not mean that I will write it. There are a few genres and tropes that I will not engage in. If I have not written your prompt its either because I didn’t want to, or there was something I did not like about the prompt. Any complaining and pushing for the prompt to be written may cause you to get banned.
  6. Have fun. Seriously. Have fun. I love engaging with readers, as long as everyone is respectful and compliant with my rules, this should be a fun and engaging blog.

Thank you for visiting